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The Fall semester is well underway, and CHAOS members are taking part in all sorts of awesome activities. It's not too late to join, though!

Just come to one of our weekly meetings, every Wednesday at 7:30 PM in the courtyard of La Val's Pizza on Euclid St., near Hearst, in north side  (we'll be the big, scruffy-looking group.)

With roots going all the way back to Joseph LeConte's 'University Excursion Party' in 1870, CHAOS is a group of UC Berkeley students, staff, Berkeley area residents and assorted other friendly souls who meet regularly to experience the outdoors and have fun.

The Bay Area is one of the best places to experience nature and the outdoors. From hiking to biking to rock climbing and much more, the Bay Area provides for a variety of outdoors activities. CHAOS brings together those who share the passion to experience the outdoors.

CHAOS itself does not organize trips (or screen members, or guarantee the safety of its gear), but serves as a forum for people to meet like-minded souls and find ways to experience the outdoors.


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